Present Limitation

Retina microsurgery is technically challenging field:

Status: Performed with manually operated instruments, using unassisted free-hand techniques and intensively trained surgeons.

Limitations: Retinal surgery occurs at human physiological limits for target visualization; tool tip stabilization; manual targeting; microsurgical maneuvers; endurance; ability to sense forces, ability to achieve micron scale precision.

Needs: Robust, cost effective, surgical tools that extend surgeon capabilities beyond current human physiological limits; enhance safety, extend surgical indications and improve outcomes. Secondary needs include teaching tools, end of career assistance, and tools that enhance the ability of less skilled surgeons.

Eye Test

OTC image guided ophthalmic surgical procedures

: Needle guiding, subretinal injection, vessel cannulation, membrane peeling

Material infection

: Thin filling inspection, micro-hole detection, surface roughness measurement

General purpose OCT imaging

: Scan anywhere any length and any direction

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